Why J&M Racing is the right choice!

1.  Any company that associates themselves with J&M Racing quickly learn that we know how to bring success to those we associate with. We have held nothing back to build a championship caliber team, hiring and forming alliances with the best people in the business. This has allowed J&M Racing to benefit from a combined experience level of more than 20 years, thus has the experience both on and off the track to market your company to millions of viewers in the most positive manner.

2. J&M Racing will help cross-promote your company through other marketing avenues, such as products you sell or purchase.

3.  Championship winning driver, Nick Joanides, is a well spoken business professional that with his appearance and marketability, can represent himself in a friendly and professional manner that any company can be proud of.  See Driver Profile. He is an excellent, quick thinking speaker that always keeps his audience interested. Many talent agents have tried to get Nick to do commercials due to his natural ability in front of a camera or microphone. He is an experienced driver with wins in the NHRA, SCCA and NASCAR

4.  Our engine builders have been building championship and race winning engines in the Cup, Busch, Truck, ARCA and Grand National divisions for more than 20 years. Our chassis development team has more than 30 years of experience with championships in 23 of those years and more than 300 wins!  With this combination of people, J&M Racing will always be at the front of the pack.

5.  J&M Racing owns a 53 foot by 13 foot high car hauler as well as an additional 48 foot trailer, which can act as traveling billboards for your company.  The team also currently has more than six race cars of which one can always be available to companies for display. 

6.  The people working with J&M Racing have always been competitive on the race track and have never produced a boring race.  The team always puts extra emphasis on the "high-profile" and televised races in which the race car and team will always receive a significant amount of positive air-time on national television.

7. COVERAGE! Driver Nick Joanides has always been a press and fan favorite. His exciting driving style keeps eyes and television cameras glued to him. Over the past four televised races, Joanides' car has been on screen a whopping 43% of the entire race broadcast.

8. Nick Joanides has always created interesting stories for print. In 2008 alone, he has been the headline or major topic of 72 newspaper articles that include the L.A. Times, Los Angeles Daily News, San Gabriel Tribune. With an average distribution of 2,000,000 among them, Joanides is constantly receiving press coverage, even when he doesn't win.

The J&M Racing team is always hungry to win and keep winning. With the best people in the business behind this team, the sky is the limit for our success and we look forward to bringing your company along for the ride and amazing you with how we will far exceed your marketing goals. 

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