Joanides & Speed Wong Racing Continue Hot Streak

(05-26-07) The Speed Wong Racing team is beginning to flex its muscle. After another strong second place finish, driver Nick Joanides has now posted five consecutive top five finishes, including three runner up finishes. They currently have the best average finish of any team in the division. Their 2.5 average finish, easily surpasses the next highest teams 4.4 average finish. 

The season got off to a rough start due to some bad luck and unfortunate on track incidents. Prior to the sixth event of the season, each of the other cars had not yet posted a top ten finish. The Speed Wong team, led by crew chief Dean Klock and owner Darryl Wong have worked diligently to get the program on the right track. Their hard work has quickly paid off on all levels. Rip Michels, the most prolific driver at the track with 48 career wins has been dominating the season thus far. However, with the efforts of Speed Wong Racing over the past several weeks, Joanides has finished second to Michels in three of the past four races. Each time distancing himself further and further from the third place car and closing the gap on the Michels team, which has the more powerful Ford engines. More importantly, the teams results are strong across the board. In the past two races, the Speed Wong team has also placed their other Super late Model Division car in the top ten of both race finishes as well. Once with Las Vegas Driver Dustin Ash who finished a strong 6th in his Irwindale debut. The other was a top ten finish for driver Jason Patison, in only his second race at the track since 2003. Lead driver Brian Wong is also enjoying great success in his rookie season in the Late Model Division with two top five and three top ten finishes in four races.

"This team is doing an incredible job at stepping up the performance each and every week. I am amazed with how well organized and determined this team is. We've made huge gains each and every week and I know that we are very close to knocking Rip (Michels) off his horse! I'm honored to be a part of this team and feel fortunate to not only have the opportunity to drive such great equipment, but also that I get to work with such quality people. I'll be taking this week off from driving and instead, will work with one of our new drivers, but I look forward to our next run to see if we can get that 12 car in our mirror instead. " said Joanides.

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